Make informed decisions
Hilton-Baird Audit & Survey

Hilton-Baird Audit & Survey possesses extensive experience and a proven track record of delivering comprehensive, timely and insightful audits to assist with a range of requirements, ultimately enabling you to make informed decisions regarding your risk.

Our in-house audit team has the capacity to manage your entire audit diary, or alternatively work on an ad hoc basis to overcome resource shortfalls, using your own documentation to ensure consistency of reporting.

We provide support across the entire process, from liaising with clients in order to book and conduct audits to delivering timely reports that meet your operational and risk requirements.

From our experience, fraud continues to be a significant challenge through which regular and targeted audits can help reduce the window of opportunity.

ABL Audit

We have developed expertise in reviewing a range of business assets in order to protect asset based lenders’ positions and manage their risk.

Whilst we specialise in receivables and stock, we are also able to work alongside expert valuers of plant and machinery and property and can propose viable solutions to assist in structuring the right deal at the pre-lend stage for prospective clients.

Independent Business Reviews (IBRs)

Given the evolving challenges facing SMEs and corporates, it’s always important to be comfortable with your client portfolio, making our IBR offering an invaluable resource to provide peace of mind.

Upon instruction we conduct a full operational evaluation of clients, together with a suite of recommendations that will improve your lending profile. Although this service is primarily to the benefit of our funding partners, these recommendations can be passed on to the client and are always based on substantial sector research and experience.

International Risk Management

As businesses come under increasing pressure given the global economic climate, it is more important than ever to have a real-time and local insight into how your clients are performing.

Possessing experience of working across the UK and Europe having been employed as the outsource partner of choice for Europe’s leading funders for more than a decade, our specialist team, which is fluent across many European languages, can assist with a range of risk requirements such as due diligence, verifications and field exams on short notice, one-off or ongoing requests.

To find out more about any of our audit services, please call Graham on 02380 707394 or email