Data recovery

Data recovery

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Often in insolvency situations, IPs are left with a severe lack of supporting information from which to base their findings and must instead rely on a fine tooth comb in order to retrieve the missing data.

This is a task that requires the greatest amount of care and attention, making Hilton-Baird Collection Services’ meticulous approach and specialist forensic expertise an invaluable resource in today’s economic climate.

We have the in-house skills to retrieve data across a variety of mediums, including email platforms, accounts and sales ledger data in order to recover the vital information required to maximise the financial recovery.

We recognise the delicacy of handling this data, which is why we call upon the expertise of our in-house IT team rather than any third party throughout the data recovery process, which will ultimately deliver the information that can be called upon as evidence in any legal proceedings where necessary.

As such, our team is certified to Certified Forensic Investigation Practitioner standard in order to handle this data and provide our clients with the utmost confidence.

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