Fraud investigation

Fraud investigation

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Hilton-Baird Collection Services

Client fraud is an issue that refuses to go away for the ABL community. Though measures can be taken to reduce the opportunity, it is almost impossible to stamp out altogether – especially with the range of cash flow challenges facing the SME community at present.

No fraud is untraceable however, and Hilton-Baird’s thorough and highly efficient investigation techniques can help first to uncover a fraud, and second to work with the funder or Insolvency Practitioner in order to reconstruct the ledger.

Further, we can also assist in getting to the bottom of why the fraud occurred in the first place, in turn identifying ways to safeguard your processes against this in the future.

Data recovery is often central to identifying whether a fraudulent act was indeed committed, which Hilton-Baird Collection Services can also assist with, whilst sister company, Hilton-Baird Audit & Survey, can assist with the regular auditing of clients in order to reduce the window of opportunity.

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