Credit control & debt collection

Pre-insolvency ledger review

A closer look to maximise returns
Hilton-Baird Collection Services

With the new rules on ‘time costs approval’, forward-thinking IPs are looking to use a percentage-based approach to fees. Unlike hard assets, sales ledgers often contain hidden dilutions which can significantly and rapidly reduce the collectable value of a ledger and the resulting capacity to recover costs.

Our expert telephone debt verification (TDV) service can provide a rapid ledger valuation with promised payment dates, whilst identifying any potential disputes which may reduce collections in an insolvency. Our TDV service can be undertaken remotely and typically turned around within 48 hours, with live reporting available 24/7 through our ‘Client Zone’.

Armed with this information you will be in a much stronger position to agree a percentage fee and maximise returns for creditors.

Additionally, the TDV service can be supplemented by a full onsite ledger and contract review, which will examine the entire order-to-invoice process and establish the strength of the paper trail and proof of debts needed to collect in an insolvency situation.

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