Success all round

Success all round

The desired outcome for all involved
Hilton-Baird Collection Services
Success all round

One of the oldest retail companies in Wales had a strong commercial distribution business, specialising in linen and soft furnishings that required a more suitable finance method.

A major high street bank was looking to secure an overdraft; a receivables finance arrangement and the corporate banking of this well respected business in Swansea and such was the complexity of the receivables facility that the major finance provider looked to Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions to provide a creative solution.

Subsequently, Hilton-Baird brought in an independent receivables finance provider who had the ability to manage the complex sales ledger and additionally provide a stock line to provide the business with the necessary working capital to grow its wholesale distribution business.

Hilton-Baird discussed the requirements at senior level before going through the sales and audit process to ensure a suitable facility could be established. Two potential funders were identified and Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions worked alongside this partner to share all the insights it had gained on this transaction.

A facility was constructed around the business needs of our mutual client and this was achieved outside of the bank's desire to secure the commercial banking enabling them to support the client’s future prospects and win and retain a happy, healthy new relationship.