The perfect match

The perfect match

Matching the right client with the right funder
Hilton-Baird Collection Services
The perfect match

After establishing in 2010, a budding Hampshire based catering company was successful in securing increased orders which, whilst a fantastic achievement and opportunity for growth, placed a strain on the cash flow.

In order to keep up with the increased demand, whilst attempting to overcome the challenges associated with extending credit to customers, the company began the search for the right finance solution to enable them to move forwards with their growth strategy.

Our expert team considered the most suitable options available in the market to fit this thriving and growing business, both in terms of their current needs and future requirements, in order to ensure adequate support for the business post the rapid phase of growth being experienced.

As always, we selected the two most appropriate funders, based on suitability and compatibility in terms of the needs and wants of both parties and after meetings and due consideration, the client opted for a recourse factoring facility with the lender he felt most comfortable with and was immediately impressed given ‘their speed and quality of response'.

By understanding the needs and wants of our clients and funding partners, Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions was able to make an effective match.

Subsequent to the commencement of the factoring facility, our client continues to flourish with their annual turnover quadrupling in less than five months. Now that cash is flowing, they have been able to widen their offering and have expanded into the private and corporate catering arena.

Commenting on his factoring facility, the managing director of the catering company said: "Business is now fantastic and we no longer worry about our cash flow. This has freed us to enter new areas of private and corporate catering, including catering for weddings and large public events with our new BBQ menu. Overall we have experienced a breath of fresh air, which has increased our focus and passion for high quality food and service. Getting in touch with Hilton-Baird has really been the best thing we have done this year."