Credit insurance

Credit insurance

How we help
Hilton-Baird Collection Services

As the risk of bad debts, through customer insolvency and even protracted default, are a major concern for UK businesses and particularly SMEs, it is vital that consideration is given to the shield available against such risks.

In the event your client needs to explore the credit insurance market, in the context of their sales ledger or your product range, we are here to help.

Working directly or in association with appropriate partners, we will source the credit insurance solution for your clients that will maximise the level of protection and complement and support their existing facility. This will in turn help to safeguard their sales ledger and all who have a vested interest on the health of the business.

By ensuring that any credit insurance offering runs smoothly side by side with your client's existing facilities and meets any requirements such as 'joint insured status', you as their funder would look to further support your client optimally, which we hope will help enhance existing relationships.

To find out more about how Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions can assist with sourcing credit insurance for your clients, call our team of brokers on 02380 707390 or email