Manage aways

Manage aways

How we help
Hilton-Baird Collection Services

From time to time clients may fall outside your criteria, or vice versa, and in this case Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions can help source the most suitable outcome for all parties concerned.

Finding another funder to step in and replace your facility requires a thorough insight and knowledge of the industry. Hilton-Baird’s tenacious attitude, coupled with our extensive experience, enables us to identify the ideal replacement facility for those clients who no longer fit your portfolio, in order to help provide a suitable and independent solution for both parties.

In consultation with you and your client, we will devise a suitable strategy for all involved and, by working closely together, we will effectively communicate with all parties to ensure a seamless and transparent transition for all.

With utmost integrity, we carefully manage any sensitivities and focus on minimal disruption (as far as is within our control) to the client’s business. After all, safeguarding their best interests ultimately ensures we best serve you and the wider perception of the asset based finance sector. In addition, we provide the necessary visibility throughout the process with regular feedback to all parties, as well as protecting elements of the relationship (e.g. banking) which all parties may prefer to retain.

To find out more about how Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions can help with manage aways, call our team of brokers on 02380 707390 or email