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Golf and Shooting Day Teams


After a tough but enjoyable 18 holes around the beautiful Remedy Oak, the 10 teams who attended Hilton-Baird’s inaugural Golf Day pose for the camera.

Martin Austin, First Capital Factors;
Nick Holmes, HSBC Invoice Finance (UK);
Alex Hilton-Baird, Hilton-Baird Group

James Hyne, Charles Russell;
Mark Finn, Bibby Invoice Discounting;
Mark Boughey, Ernst & Young;
Lance Jordan, RBS Invoice Finance

Guy Stead, Delta Trade Finance;
David Brockhurst, KPMG;
Martin Ward, Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance;
Jason Zillwood, Credit Agricole Commercial Finance

Graham Bird, Hilton-Baird Audit & Survey;
Kevin Yates, Leumi ABL;
William Turner, BDO LLP;
Rob Harris, Close Invoice Finance

John Wilde, SME Invoice Finance;
John Nelson, GE Commercial Finance;
Graham Plater, Bibby Financial Services;
Paul Reeves, DTE

Jamie Weeden, Hilton-Baird Group;
Tim Bassett, RBS Invoice Finance;
Tony Murphy, Bridge Business Recovery LLP;
David Hogg, SME Invoice Finance

Alex Cadwallader, Bridge Business Recovery LLP;
Ian Ellis, Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions;
Jonathan Hughes, Leumi ABL;
Mike Vince, Close Invoice Finance

Neil Livingston; Patrick Wilkins, Venture Finance;
Andrew Bowden-Brown, MA & Baldwin;
Steven Law, Ensors

Murray Chisholm, HSBC Invoice Finance (UK);
Alex Waterman, Asset Based Finance Association;
John Holmes, Barclays Sales Financing;
Andrew Rumsey, RSM Tenon Group

Paul Boyle, Harrisons;
Justin Matravers, SME Invoice Finance;
David Ward, Credit Agricole Commercial Finance;
James Burgess, Hilton-Baird Audit & Survey