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Golf Day teams 2013


The 14 teams stop for a photo after the par 3 ninth.

Alex Waterman, ABFA;
Jamie Weeden, Hilton-Baird Group;
Mike Boswell, Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance;
James Bingham, SME Invoice Finance

James Burgess, Hilton-Baird Audit & Survey;
Martin Austin, First Capital Factors;
David Tilling, Factor 21;
Jason Clark, Hilton-Baird Guest

Mark Finn, Bibby Invoice Discounting;
Neil Livingston,Hilton-Baird Guest;
Neil Bennett, Leonard Curtis;
Bill Betty, Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance

Matt Fox, Hilton-Baird Guest;
Tony Murphy, Harrisons;
Richard Osgood, Aldermore Invoice Finance;
Kevin Yates, Leumi ABL

Mike Vince, Nucleus;
Noel Ruddy, Paul Davidson Taylor;
Mark Boughey, Ernst & Young

Andrew Darling, Bibby Financial Services;
Lyle Ammon, ABN AMRO Commercial Finance;
Jonathan Hughes, Leumi ABL;
John Kennedy, RBS Invoice Finance

Alex Hilton-Baird, Hilton-Baird Group;
Chris Owen, TLT Solicitors;
Terry Wolfendale, RBS Invoice Finance;
Rob Harris, Close Invoice Finance

Graham Bird, Hilton-Baird Audit & Survey;
Steve Noble, Aldermore Invoice Finance;
John Rourke, Bibby Financial Services;
Mike Hodson, PNC Business Credit

James Forsyth, TLT Solicitors;
Edward Rimmer, Bibby Shipping Management;
Danny Burden, Fortis/BNP

Charles Bodie, Kelso Place;
Jeremy Harrison, Bank of America;
Joaquim Orejas, GenRe;
Andrew Bowden-Brown, MAB Law

David Thomson, Close Invoice Finance;
Paul Hird, Leumi ABL;
Phil Nicholls, Deloitte;
Steve Ive, Barclays Commercial Finance

Carl Jackson, Quantama;
John Wilde, SME Invoice Finance;
Ian Cole, Santander;
Alex Cadwallader, Leonard Curtis

Murray Chisholm, HSBC Invoice Finance (UK);
Alison Goult, Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance;
Ralph Peedell, Factor 21;
Simon Boon, DLA Piper

Laurence Bowles, Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance;
Robin Goddard, Close Invoice Finance;
Jamie Gould, GE Capital